Starbase Indiana Inc.

Starbase Indiana Inc.'s mission is to give STEM education to any and all public grade school students. The government (DOD) pays for the classrooms and teachers' salaries, not special projects or equipment. Scientech member John Rathmann, a retired Rolls Royce engineer, has given presentations on aviation to hundreds of interested students. The Scientech Foundation has given $8,000 to $9,000 a year to Starbase for projects like a weather balloon launch, following the balloon and analyzing the data.

There also are summer camps. As Starbase's Sara Farkas writes "This year our traditional camps built catapults thanks to Scientech funding to cover the cost of Deeply Ingrained Workshop on Wheels. We also added a DNA lesson and the campers worked with microscopes. They learned about light energy and of course Newton's Laws-not only with the catapults but also with the water rockets"

(Safety note catapulted marshmallows, not rocks!)

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