Scientech Foundation Board Members Go Back to School

Several BOD members went back to school with 150 fourth graders from a Carmel elementary school in the Palladium on 3/7/24. The Scientech Foundation's $5,000 grant supports the Center for the Performing Arts' STEAM program, the Science of Light and Sound. Engineer and Technician "Doctors" explained and demonstrated the science of light and sound to enthusiastic students using the Palladium' state-of-the-art facilities.

Did you know that some audible sound wavelengths are as long as the Palladium's stage, and some visible light wavelengths are as small as a bacterium?

Do you know what the differences are between sound waves and light waves?

Do you know why there is no audible sound from an explosion in space despite what happens in Star Wars?

Those 4th graders do!

Doctor Rob and Doctor Brian demonstrate components of white light.
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