Scientech Foundation Board January 2024 Meeting Highlights

After the Finance Committee’s meeting with investment advisors from Planned Investment, Chairman Victor Wenning declaring there was a quorum for the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Scientech Foundation of Indiana. The meeting was held at Broadmoor Country Club on January 24, 2024, President Jeff Rasley presiding.

Vice President Benny Ko presented the recommendations of the Nominating Committee for officer and board membership during calendar year 2024. The recommendations were that all current officers and Board members continue to serve, and Helmi Banta and Andy Ratermann be voted on to the Board. The recommendations were approved by unanimous vote.

      Treasurer Doug Gettelfinger presented a financial report for 2023, which was approved by acclamation. Doug also advised that the total amount of funds allocated for 2024 grants should be about $148,042, based on the Board’s financial plan. A record number of grant applications for 2024 were received, so, after discussion, it was agreed that, no matter the amount of the request, no grant would be issued greater than $10,000.

The following grants were approved:

a. U of I Outreach $10,000

b. Girls Inc STEM Eureka $10,000

c. Grand Universe $10,000

d. Riley Child Ped Research $6,450

e. Mini Med School $3,000

f. Girl Scouts $250

g. Starbase Indiana $6,000

h. Marian Univ Engineering Summer $10,000

i. Jordan YMCA Preschool STEM $10,000

j. Stout Field Elementary $6,170

k. STEM Connection $10,000

l. Art Center STEAM $10,000

m. Cold Spring School Summer STEM Camp $10,000

n. VEX Team 1024 Robotics $4,150

o. Fall Creek Jr High Science Fieldwork $5,240

p. Earlham STEM Summer Camp $10,000

q. Ophthalmology Student Interest Group $5,000

r. Science of Light & Sound $5,000

s. NXG Motor Sports Ed. $10,000

      Jeff Rasley advised the next quarterly meeting will be held in mid April, and the meeting was adjourned.

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