Fall Creek Jr. High Received Grant to Purchase Laser Printer

In the attached photo Scientech Foundation of Indiana President Jeff Rasley is handing a check to Fall Creek Jr. High Principal Michael Ryan (left) and Justin Hirnisey (center), Executive Director of the Hamilton South East Foundation in the amount of $5,240 to purchase a laser printer for Fall Creek Jr. High. Adam Jahn, the technology teacher at the school, provides instruction to over 900 students in science, technology, and robotics. He applied to the Foundation for a grant. In the grant application Mr. Jahn emphasized that the requested laser technology will give his students experiences to see how STEM can be integrated into any aspect of life.

Several BOD members went back to school with 150 fourth graders from a Carmel elementary school in the Palladium on 3/7/24. The Scientech Foundation's $5,000 grant supports the Center for the Performing Arts' STEAM program, the Science of Light and Sound. Engineer and Technician "Doctors" explained and demonstrated the science of light and sound to enthusiastic students using the Palladium' state-of-the-art facilities.

Did you know that some audible sound wavelengths are as long as the Palladium's stage, and some visible light wavelengths are as small as a bacterium?

Do you know what the differences are between sound waves and light waves?

Do you know why there is no audible sound from an explosion in space despite what happens in Star Wars?

Those 4th graders do!

Doctor Rob and Doctor Brian demonstrate components of white light.
Kendra Latta and Julia Shildmyer, CPA's development vice-president and education director, respectively, receive grant form Bob Yee, Scientech Foundation secretary, at the Palladium.

The Center for the Performing Arts developed Light and Sound, a program demonstrating the science of light and sound to 4th graders. The CPA's engineers and technicians worked with middle-school educators to integrate the program with the schools' science curricula. They use the Palladium's state-of-the-art acoustics and lighting systems to explain and demonstrate the science of light, e.g. color temperature, light reflection and additive and subtractive color mixing, and the science of sound, e.g. pitch, volume, frequency, how musical instruments produce sound and how acoustics affect sound quality. This spring almost 800 students from schools in Marion and surrounding counties, that serve students from all economic backgrounds, will see the one-hour presentations. To expand the program in the fall and next spring, the CPA will send targeted mailings to about 1,000 educators in Central Indiana. The Scientech Foundation's grant supports the development and presentation of the program and the transportation of students to the Palladium.

A VEX 1024 team won the Judges Award in a local competition. This award is presented to the team that demonstrates effective communication skills, teamwork, professionalism and a student-centered ethos.

The Scientech Foundation awarded $4,195 to Lawrence Township School's McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology for the third year in 2024. McKenzie's VEX Robotics Team 1024 helps middle school and high school students throughout the year to design, construct, program and operate remote-controlled and autonomous robots in the worldwide VEX Robotics program. Mentors, Tom Wilson and Andy Ratermann work with students in after school workshops and summer camps. The Foundation's grant helps purchase equipment for the robots' tasks that change every year and supports the summer camps. This winter one of Team 1024's teams won an award in a local competition for effective communication skills, teamwork, professionalism and a student-centered ethos.

After the Finance Committee’s meeting with investment advisors from Planned Investment, Chairman Victor Wenning declaring there was a quorum for the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Scientech Foundation of Indiana. The meeting was held at Broadmoor Country Club on January 24, 2024, President Jeff Rasley presiding.

Vice President Benny Ko presented the recommendations of the Nominating Committee for officer and board membership during calendar year 2024. The recommendations were that all current officers and Board members continue to serve, and Helmi Banta and Andy Ratermann be voted on to the Board. The recommendations were approved by unanimous vote.

      Treasurer Doug Gettelfinger presented a financial report for 2023, which was approved by acclamation. Doug also advised that the total amount of funds allocated for 2024 grants should be about $148,042, based on the Board’s financial plan. A record number of grant applications for 2024 were received, so, after discussion, it was agreed that, no matter the amount of the request, no grant would be issued greater than $10,000.

The following grants were approved:

a. U of I Outreach $10,000

b. Girls Inc STEM Eureka $10,000

c. Grand Universe $10,000

d. Riley Child Ped Research $6,450

e. Mini Med School $3,000

f. Girl Scouts $250

g. Starbase Indiana $6,000

h. Marian Univ Engineering Summer $10,000

i. Jordan YMCA Preschool STEM $10,000

j. Stout Field Elementary $6,170

k. STEM Connection $10,000

l. Art Center STEAM $10,000

m. Cold Spring School Summer STEM Camp $10,000

n. VEX Team 1024 Robotics $4,150

o. Fall Creek Jr High Science Fieldwork $5,240

p. Earlham STEM Summer Camp $10,000

q. Ophthalmology Student Interest Group $5,000

r. Science of Light & Sound $5,000

s. NXG Motor Sports Ed. $10,000

      Jeff Rasley advised the next quarterly meeting will be held in mid April, and the meeting was adjourned.

Doug Gettelfinger, Treasurer of the Scientech Foundation, presents a grant check to Richard Gunderman to help fund the work of the IU Medical School as they introduce medical career options to studies in urban and rural areas.

Architects from Butler, Fairman & Seufert work with preschool students at the Jordan YMCA.

Jeff Rasley, President of the Scientech Foundation, presented a grant check for $10,000 to Alli Badgero, Vice President of Development, Indianapolis Arts Center for the purchase of a Glowforge laser engraver, a Shark CNC router, and Sony digital cameras for the IAC's STEAM education programs.

Doug Gettelfinger, Treasurer of the Scientech Foundation, is presenting the grant check of $3,000 to Richard Gunderman for support of the IU Mini Med School.

This is a program that gives high school students in both urban and rural areas the chance to see possible medical careers.

Presenters were architects from Butler, Fairman & Seufert. They represented the American Council of Engineering Companies.

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