Quarterly Board Meeting of the Scientech Foundation of Indiana

President Jeff Rasley and Chair Vic Wenning opened the meeting at the Broadmoor Country Club on October 11, 2023. All members of the Board of Directors were present, including Vice President Benny Ko, Treasurer Doug Gettelfinger, Secretary Bob Yee, Joe Abella, Teresa Trieweiler, Douglas Sherow, Rick Whitener, Nancy Halsema, and Bill Halsema.

Treasurer Doug Gettelfinger provided a financial report and statement of activities, assisted by Chris Rohn, representing the Planned Investment Company, the Board’s financial advisor. Hearing recommendations from Chris and Doug, the Board voted to approve several investment changes to better align the Foundation’s investments with its five-year goal of final approval by the IRS of its public charity status.

Members who were the overseers of 2023 grants provided reports on the success of each of the grants. All 2023 grantees reported positive results, and will be considered for 2024 grants, except the Indiana Audubon Society, because its grant was for the one-time project of constructing a motis tower for tracking bird migrations.

Vice President Benny Ko reported on the status of the Foundation’s website and plans for increasing donations in 2023-24.

The next quarterly meeting will be held on January 24, 2024 at Broadmoor Country Club.

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