Light and Sound at the Palladium

Kendra Latta and Julia Shildmyer, CPA's development vice-president and education director, respectively, receive grant form Bob Yee, Scientech Foundation secretary, at the Palladium.

The Center for the Performing Arts developed Light and Sound, a program demonstrating the science of light and sound to 4th graders. The CPA's engineers and technicians worked with middle-school educators to integrate the program with the schools' science curricula. They use the Palladium's state-of-the-art acoustics and lighting systems to explain and demonstrate the science of light, e.g. color temperature, light reflection and additive and subtractive color mixing, and the science of sound, e.g. pitch, volume, frequency, how musical instruments produce sound and how acoustics affect sound quality. This spring almost 800 students from schools in Marion and surrounding counties, that serve students from all economic backgrounds, will see the one-hour presentations. To expand the program in the fall and next spring, the CPA will send targeted mailings to about 1,000 educators in Central Indiana. The Scientech Foundation's grant supports the development and presentation of the program and the transportation of students to the Palladium.

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