Cold Spring School Summer STEM Camp

The Cold Spring School is a K-8, STEM certified school and ran a Summer STEM Camp enrichment program. It was a two-week camp that concentrates on STEM principles as it pertains to a myriad of activities. The camp runs from 8:30-4:30 daily.  It provides two meals and snacks for students. The grant is used to supplement the loss of revenue from discounted and free registration/tuition fees. The McKinney Vento students and other homeless students in situation of transient living situations attend for free. The grant allows students to attend the camp who otherwise could not have attended. It also allowed the caliber of the activities that were offered to be greatly elevated.

Some examples of the curriculum include building rockets, using leaves to make windchimes as they learn about Indiana trees and a lesson on weight distribution and buoyancy. Students discussed how boats stayed afloat and how water flow affected that. Surface areas and weight were discussed. Ultimately the students made rafts that had to hold their own body weight as it floated down a creek.

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